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Aviation taking IY2017 up to 35,000ft

Whether it is connectivity of efforts, or connectivity of air routes, making IY2017 work harder for the sector is a non-negotiable. Actively supporting IY2017, the aviation sector is aligning itself to the UNWTO's global campaign to ensure that the global aviation industry is on board. It's about partnerships for heightened performance, through 2017 and beyond. Download the article (PDF)


Turning Travellers into Champions of Tomorrow

Typically, such global campaigns as IY2017 attract the attention of governments, NGOs and other non-commercial entities. One global travel business serving over two million guests per year across 70 countries recognised, early on, the importance of IY2017 touching the front line of the future of the sector - travellers themselves. It was time to put the message of sustainability at the heart of business strategy and brand delivery Download the article (PDF)


Eco-Destination Excellence: Holistically Delivering Sustainability, Naturally

With people and place in a protected balance from deep within the rainforests to all along its shores, in Costa Rica excellence in execution of 'sustainability' comes to life through its policies, practices and philosophies. Importantly, as embedded in the nation's philosophy the meaning of 'sustainability' goes far beyond going green. Sustainability, with all of its dimensions - social, economic, cultural and environmental - working for the future of the nation, naturally. Download the article (PDF)


U.N. International Year 2017: Sustainably Stretching The Definition Of 'Sustainable Tourism'

For Travel & Tourism's time is now! 2017 marks the United Nations’ International Year of Sustainable Tourism For Development. Now is the time for T&T ?worldwide ?to raise its voice, making sure that the message of the value of Tourism is clear. Where to start? At the very beginning: what exactly does the word ‘Sustainable’ mean in the context of Tourism? When to start? Right now. Download the article (PDF)


Service: The DNA of Global Tourism Growth

What is 'service'? What really defines 'service' The term is at the foundations of our industry, the basis of moments of magic vs. those tragic. But is it trained? Or is it intuitive? Actually, it is both. Especially for those who care to deliver service excellence in today's increasingly automated world. Download the article (PDF)


Grading Global Travel Growth: Its a Matter of Opinion

Social connectivity has given voice to hundreds of millions of people, with multitudes of opinions of travel experiences they are so excited to share. Working in partnership with industry innovators such as TripAdvisor, the Tourism sector is able to tap into evolving traveller aspirations and irritations. Download the article (PDF)


Travel and the Sharing Economy - Signing up for the Sharing Experience

Without a doubt, the industry has experienced growing pains as the sharing economy has broken through long established ways of working. For the global travelling public, however, the advent of the sharing economy simply represents another way to enjoy all that travel and tourism offers in education, enrichment, opportunity, possibility - the pure joy of discovering people and places all around us. Download the article (PDF)


Travel in Unhealthy Times: Keep Strong and Carrying on

Over the past decade alone, several health crises have lead to widescale panic with resulting paralysis of movements of people. SARS, H5N1, MERS, Ebola, Zika - the list continues to grow. Alert of a problem turning to travel pandemonium is no longer a rare occurrence. To fail to unite, align efforts, manage risks, and strengthen recovery efforts, risks disabling of the T&T's ability to create and sustainable economic and social wellbeing of nations. Not to mention identity and spirit. Download the article (PDF)


Holiday Time-Off: A Proven Prescription for a Stronger You

Think holiday time is simply superfluous play time? Think again. To take the time to switch off, to switch focus from the external to the internal, to simply be still, is now recognized as a vital part of physical, psychological, and spiritual health. You want it. You need it. And you certainly deserve it. Download the article (PDF)


Post-Conflict Recovery of Hope and Home through Tourism

In post-conflict countries, how can the wounds of war be worked through sensitively and sustainably? With an annual rate of growth in arrivals of +20%, and steady employment generation, Sri Lanka represents a global example of how the tourism sector can be utilized as a means of rebuilding not just national economy, but also identity, society and psyche. Download the article (PDF)


Train Travel: Journeys of Ease and Awe on Terra Firma

One of the earliest and an essential form of travel, today train tourism offers not only an alternative way to get from A to B, it also offers a whole new perspective to travelling. With new networks reaching out across the globe, connecting billions to new routes and relationships, unlocking understanding and possibility, tourism by train brings to life, in so many subtle and sensual ways, a truism known well by travellers worldwide: "Life is a journey, not a destination." Download the article (PDF)